Naalehu Wild Flower Honey from Old Kiawe and Monkey Pod Forests


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South Eastern Kau

Naalehu Wild Flower Honey and the Pahala Wild Flower Honeys are special because of eastern slopes of the Kau district.   Just 30 miles from the planets most active volcano, Naalehu is a small town located at the base of the worlds largest shield volcano. This area has deep fertile soil, and is known for growing award winning coffee beans.

Its unknown if its temporary, but since the 2018 Kilauea eruption, the weather patterns have changed.  Previously, the area had been blanketed with volcanic off gasses or “VOG.  Now there is almost daily afternoon rain showers.  

Naʻālehu means “the volcanic ashes” in Hawaiian

One of several old sugar plantation camps its home to the United States most southern bar (Shaka’s) and award famous Punaluu Bakery.   Naalehu is one the way to the Kilauea Volcano, but the small town still has generational families working the cattle ranches and coffee farms.

Naalehu Wild Flower Honey

Our bees in Naalehu, the southern area region of Kau, are place just above an old forest of Kiawe and Monkey Pod trees. Throughout this area also grows Christmas Berry. A non native plant species to the Big Island, but a plant which produces an incredible amount of honey. It’s the blooming combination of these three plants that makes this honey so unique.  Pure Kiawe honey is rare, its tastes like butter cream frosting.  The honey from the Monkey Pod tree is pleasant, it not too tart or too sweet.  I would best describe it as a Hawaiian wildflower honey, oh so good.  Christmas Berry is one of the most stable flavors of Hawaiian honey.  Sweet to the taste with a slight licorice flavor at the end.

I describe these honeys individually because these three plants flower at the same time, and it only occurs in Naalehu.   The Naalehu Wild Flower Honey taste butter cream sweet, with subtle wild flower flavor, ending in a unique licorice flavor.

An experience honey buyer recently commented that she has never tasted a honey this complex.

The Naalehu honey is a local favorite you won’t find anywhere else in the world and is often in limited supply.


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