Wholesale Honey

Wholesale Honey

from 75.00

Hamakua Apiaries is a local family owned honey company here on the Big Island. Our honey is raw and unfiltered which goes from bees to your bottle. We currently have 3 varieties of honey available for wholesale pricing.

  1. Hawaiian Wild Flower Honey

  2. Ohia-Lehua Honey

  3. Wilelaiki Honey (Christmas Berry)

    60 lbs Pails are $144
    24 lbs Pails are $75

    Hawaiian Wild Flower Honey
    Hawaiian Eucalyptus Honey
    Wilelaiki Honey

    Here is a description of each unique flavor:

    Hawaiian Wild Flower. Hawaiian Wild Flower honey changes flavor throughout the year, based on the wild flowers the bees collect nectar and pollen. Most describe the Hawaiian Wild Flower honey as fruity with aeromatic flavors that super charge your taste buds.

    Hawaiian Eucalyptus is a "Wow" honey. It is distinctive in the fact that the flavor of

    Wilelaiki (Christmas Berry or Brazilian pepper tree) The flavor of Wilelaiki is one of the most stable and consistent honeys the Big Island produces. The honey is subtlety sweet with a hint of black licorice flavor that remains on you palette. For foodies, the consistency of the flavor makes it a fantastic base for salad dressings.

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