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quality is our promise to you

From the way we manage our bees in the yard to the extraction of honey, we are committed to providing the purest honey you can find.


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In 2016 Hamakua Apiaries was formed on the big island of Hawaii, by Scott Nelson, a third-generation beekeeper.   The initial idea was to have just enough beehives needed to teach others about keeping honey bees in Hawaii (Those who can’t sing, teach).  You see, Scott was also the lead beekeeper for Hawaii’s largest honey producer, managing thousands of hives on the east side of the Big Island. 

Well 16 beehives quickly became much more, growing into the honey business it is today.  During this journey, Hamakua Apiaries has also helped others interested in stewarding bees and wanting a better life for their families.   Over the last three years, Hamakua Apiaries has mentored the startup of 6 more beekeeping companies in Hawaii with similar management practices. 

What also sets Hamakua Apiaries apart from other honey company’s is that we recognize the bees need for proper nutrition and access to clean water.  Proper nutrition includes limiting the size of our bee yards to make best use of available resources and carefully choosing where we keep our bees.  Hamakua Apiaries maintains bee yards spread across the big island and communicates with other beekeepers to coordinate our efforts.  In doing so, Hamakua Apiaries has limited the need to move our bees and thus we produce artisanal floral varieties 11 months out of the year. 

For example, Hamakua Apiaries may have a bee yard on the edge of a Macadamia Nut orchard to collect honey from December to March.  When the Macadamia Nut bloom is over, we don’t move the bees because nearby are hundreds of acres of coffee trees ready to bloom. When the coffee’s done, the Ohia Lehua blooms, then the Albizia, then the Wilelaiki, and finally the Eucalyptus before the season restarts.

Keeping Bees, I mean, Having Bees is about Stewardship.  Balancing the needs of the beekeepers to make a living with the bees need to keep living.  Finding and teaching this balance allows Hamakua Apiaries to confidently say, “Bee the Best, not the Biggest.”   

The raw and unfiltered honeys from Hamakua Apiaries will surprise you and leave a lasting impression on how fantastically unique Hawaiian Honeys can Bee.